Lixus-i PN

Intelligent CCD-line scan camera for position- and width-measurement

Intelligent CCD line scan cameras for position and width measurement
The intelligent line scan cameras of the Lixus-i PN series are autonomously working measuring and monitoring systems with a high resolution. The integrated, extremely powerful signal processing analyses each scan precisely. It provides measurement results, can filter them and monitor them for definable tolerances, and intervene the process directly via several outputs. The cameras can be triggered asynchronously through external incidents. Several systems can be combined and synchronized. The configurable signal processing core facilitates high flexibility. The function library is expanded on a regular basis. Selection and parameterization of the function modules is done with comfortable software under Windows. After the installation has been completed and the settings have been saved, the cameras of the Lixus-i PN series work autonomously. The cameras Lixus-i PN have manual, respectively automatic controls for the exposure time, amplification and video offset (contrast adjustment). So they are able to rectify a changed scene illumination and to ensure optimal adjustment of the sensor to the signal processing in changing ambient conditions.


  • Edge detection for position and width measurement with thresholds that can be consistent or definable for each pixel and several filter options (elimination of noise and heavily structured background, measurement from the edge or from a definable center, pre-selection of edges, limitation of the measurement window...)
  • Monitoring tolerances of position and widths of several panels of material or objects
  • Monitoring the number of objects
  • Monitoring the tolerance bands around the course of brightness
  • Detection of surface defects (soiling, scrapes, cracks, holes...)

  • Autonomous measuring and monitoring system
  • Integrated signal processing
  • Real-time analysis of each scan
  • High and very high resolutions
  • Galvanically isolated digital inputs and outputs
  • Analog current loop interface
  • Robust, industry-suitable design
  • Asynchronously triggerable


  • Measurement and monitoring of geometrical variables (position, width, diameter)
  • Inspection for surface defects, holes and cracks in panel-like goods (metal sheets, paper, foils, textiles, wood)
  • Radial and axial run-out measurement
  • Fill level measurement
  • Inspection of the presence of components (glue, coating, etc.)
  • Counting parts
  • Web guide control
Options and Accessories
  • Lenses, lens adaptor
  • Lens protective tube
  • Adjustment plate
  • Customized connector cable
  • Line illumination
  • Protective case
  • Software according to customer's request

Technical Details

Lixus-i PN type 512 1024 2048 2048C 5150C 7926 8192
Number of pixels 512 1024 2048 2048 5150 7926 8192
Pixel dimensions
[µm x µm]
10 x 10 10 x 10 10 x 10 14 x 14 7 x 7 7 x 7 7 x 7
Sensor length
5.1 10.2 20.5 28.7 36.05 55.5 57.3
Maximal scan rate
32360 /
17700 /
7700 /
2400 1520 997 3620
Anti blooming yes yes yes no no no yes
Shutter yes yes yes yes no no yes
Minimum exposure time
4 / 2 4 / 2 4 / 2 10 660 1000 5
Maximal exposure time
time [ms]
13 / 6.5 13 / 6.5 13 / 6.5 100 130 130 35
lens mounting
C-Mount F-Mount /
F-Mount /
F-Mount /
F-Mount /
M72x1 M72x1
[mm x mm x mm]
86x86x184 86x86x184 86x86x197 86x86x184 86x86x197 86x86x209 86x86x209

General technical data of the Lixus-i PN series

Sensor CCD
Control Exposure time, amplification, offset (contrast adjustment) with windowing (manual/automatic)
Interfaces RS232, RS422 or RS485 up to 115kBaud, galvanically isolated separate RS232 connection for on-site configuration (optional)
Inputs 5x digital (optional 8), galvanically isolated
Outputs 3x digital (optional 7), galvanically isolated
1x analog 4...20 mA, 0...20 mA , galvanically isolated (optional)
1x video 1 VSS with sync pulse, galvanically isolated (optional)
Synchronization internal, external, can be triggered asynchronously
1x input, galvanically isolated
1x output, galvanically isolated
Lens connector M72x1
F-Mount (M42x1) (optional)
Nikon (optinal)
Fastening 2 T slots with 3x M4 slot nuts each, 2 registration holes 3H7 for fitting pegs, 8x M4 thread holes at the front
Protection standard IP 65 (with lens protective tube)
Operating voltage 20 V ... 30 VDC
Power input < 10 W
Operating temperature 0 °C ... +50 °C


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