Non-contact measurement with light

Kopfbild Start 960x280 VLM500 en

vlm 502NEW - VLM502 for limited space applications

Nowadays, the planning of new machines and systems is computer-aided. The entire structure is visualized with the help of 3D construction programs. By doing so, the space requirements are optimized and the accessibility or maintainability of individual assemblies (sensors or actuators) is evaluated before the plant is constructed. A different situation arises during the conversion of existing production facilities (retrofit). Here, it is often the case that space for additional components is hardly given. Either the measuring device itself or its working distance is too large. In both cases, an installation of modern non-contact sensors is more difficult, if not impossible. The ASTECH GmbH has developed the new non-contact measurement device VLM502 in order to meet applications with limited space requirements.

More information about the non-contact measurement gauge VLM502 can be found on our website

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