Non-contact measurement with light

Kopfbild Start 960x280 VLM500 en

VLM500EASTECH expands the product range for distance measurement devices with the products of the Canadian company LeddarTechTM. The new product series offers a broad range of sensors using the patented LeddarTM technology. Special data processing methods designed by LeddarTM allow the usage of diffused LED impulses instead of Lasers for the time-of-flight measurement. Thereby the new sensors provide probably the best price-performance ratio.

A big advantage of the new technology are structured receiver elements, which provide up to 16 simultaneous distance measurements with one common light source. This way of 2D distance detection works without any moving parts, which makes the sensor devices very robust and reliable. There are individually adjustable threshold values or each of the 16 distance measurements, which enable the LeddarTM sensors to detect complex forms or measure length, width or height with just one sensor. Within the LeddarTM product series there are different OEM modules or ready-to-use distance meters available.

With the LeddarTMOne ASTECH offers now a quite cost-effective OEM distance sensor module, which provides the possibility to integrate distance information into cost-sensitive electronic devices and equipment. The LeddarTMOne is able to measure the distance or to detect objects in a distance of up to 40 m with an accuracy of ±5 mm.

The flagship model of the series is the completely integrated sensor system IS16, whose industrial interfaces and robust housing make it well-equipped for harsh industrial applications. The IS16 provides 2D-distance detections with 16 segments. More information about the new products of the LeddarTM series will be shortly available on our website under .

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